Get Off the Beaten Path with Confidence in the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Are you searching for an SUV for an off-road adventure? Our team is pleased to suggest the Jeep Grand Cherokee. With its special adventure-friendly features, this popular SUV helps you break new ground with confidence.

When you're bumping over uneven terrain, the available skid plates on the Grand Cherokee are a great option. These heavy-duty steel plates cover the underbody of your SUV, keeping it safe from damage.

No matter where you go in the backcountry, traction is crucial. That's why we love the Grand Cherokee; it's available with a variety of four-wheel drive systems, each designed to prevent wheel slip. That way, you can drive over muddy fields or manage snow-covered highways without breaking a sweat. Want to see your 4WD options? Pop in to Tim Short Chrysler LLC, and our team can take you on a test drive in Hazard.


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