Safety Gets an Upgrade in the Dodge Charger

Dodge has always been a brand that cares about driver and passenger safety. At Tim Short Chrysler LLC you will find a good example of that in the Dodge Charger. This popular performance sedan offers lots of power, but everyone knows that power demands responsibility.

Chrysler has given the Charger the most recent braking technologies. These include Ready Alert Braking, an active safety feature that senses when a sudden stop might occur. Another is Rain Brake Support. This feature works to prevent a loss of traction on slick roadways by keeping the brake pads dry. Finally, All-Speed Traction Control is able to sense when your tires are slipping. It will increase brake pressure and reduce engine power.

We want to show you all of the ways the Dodge Charger is a safer vehicle for you to own. Call or visit us at our dealership in Hazard and take a test drive of the Dodge Charger.


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