When you are looking for a popular mid-size SUV, the Dodge Durango is one that you will want to consider. Fuel efficiency is important, which is where this model beats many others in its class. You will appreciate the extra effort that has gone into its design, saving you some money on gas in the end.

With a large gas tank that can provide up to 600 miles of driving between fill-ups, the Durango is made for long trips. This adds to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by decreasing the amount of power that is required as you accelerate. You will appreciate the difference.

There is also an Eco Mode that you can initiate to get even more savings. This will decrease the power coming from the engine even more as you drive down the highway. Even with a lot of cargo, you will notice that you are getting more miles out of each gallon. Stop by Tim Short Chrysler LLC and take the Durango for a test drive.


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