How to Prepare for A Roadside Emergency

The best way to deal with any roadside emergency is taking proactive steps today to avoid serious issues. Here are a few things to consider about the roadside emergency.
  • If you experience a blowout, don't leave the car stuck on the road. If the car can start, ride on the rim a short distance to get on the shoulder or grassy patch.
  • Keep a roll of duct tape in your trunk. It can be used to repair radiator hoses when they blow or to make other small repairs so you can roll to a service station.
  • Pack an empty gas can in the trunk so you can have someone get fuel if the vehicle is stranded out of gas on the highway.
  • Call 911 and stay locked in your vehicle until you see a police officer.
Our team at Tim Short Chrysler hopes this information will keep you and your passengers safer on the roads.
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